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Welcome to
Downtown Forward!

Downtown Forward believes in a thriving future for downtown Santa Cruz. We are a broad-based community coalition that actively supports the new Library/Affordable Housing project planned for our downtown.   We see the project’s combination of a modern new library, over 100 permanently affordable housing units, a childcare center, and shared parking for all downtown uses, along with commitment to an improved Farmers’ Market facility at a nearby location, as a major investment in the future of our downtown and in meeting our community needs.


 We support this project in the context of our broader vision for downtown, one that includes additional housing, economic vitality in the face of changing trends, continued focus for cultural and community activities, and inviting public spaces. We envision a downtown that reflects commitment to principles of sustainability and equity, benefits residents, workers and visitors, and strengthens our sense of community.

We invite you to join us! Learn more, share your thoughts, sign up for email updates, and lend your name in support.

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