Downtown Forward is a community movement that advocates for the strength and resilience of downtown Santa Cruz through forward-looking principles of environmental sustainability, equity, and economic opportunity.  We support a holistic vision for the future of our downtown that includes additional housing, diversified local business, lively civic and cultural facilities, multiple transportation options, and inviting public spaces; a vision that benefits residents, workers and visitors, and strengthens our sense of community.


We were formed in 2019 specifically to support the proposed mixed use project incorporating a 21st century library, affordable housing, parking and transportation features, and commitment to a permanent nearby home for the Farmers’ Market. After many years of study and public engagement, that concept was approved by the City Council in the summer of 2020, and the next stages of planning are now underway. 


At the same time, we take an active interest in plans for additional mixed-use and public projects downtown, including components of housing, commercial activity, transportation and public spaces. Recovery from the COVID pandemic, the changing nature of retail, the urgency of our local housing crisis, and the reality of climate change all dictate a forward-looking approach to the future of our downtown.  Join us!

Contact us: • 877 Cedar St., Santa Cruz CA 95060